Google and the Snowden Revelations

Canada should quickly follow in Brazil's footsteps in investigating Snowden's allegations that Google gave full access to all its data for NSA. The implications on Canada's national security should be paramount unless ...

The Security Minister resigns before light is shed to the public as to the Harper's government solution to losing their Internet Surveillance bill ... get the US to do it and its co-operating American corporate partners (Google, Facebook, Microsoft ...).

Incidentally, didn't Google just come into Canada's parliament building to take pictures of the inside. I hope they haven't technical glitches like the last time when they accidentally captured everybody's home network passwords ...

Didn't Google just deliver a search platform for Canadian data banks. I thought the government just unveiled the new data retrieval portal. I wonder ... how much access to Canadian data did Harper's government give the search engine, hopefully not full clearance to all our country's secrets.

Doesn't the Harper government seem a bit too friendly with Google lately?

SEO Ethics Activism

I have been involved with search engine marketing ethics activism work for many years now. Originally visible on Usenet search engine groups and industry specific forums as my "canadafred" persona. I think I raised a bit of hell over the years.

SEO Ethics According to Toronto SEO Consultant

I discovered a need to promote white hat SEO from watching years of human suffering indirectly inflicted by grey-black hat search engine optimizers. This came particularly to the forefront of my conscience when search engine revenue went mainstream and Third World countries starting cashing in at the expense of Canadian business owners and their country's children (due to lack of enforceable child labour laws). Link building in particular became a highly outsourced SEO strategy because of the madness Google PageRank technology created.

As far as I'm concerned, advocating for SEO ethics is basically argueing the need to practice white hat search engine optimization and working with what's within your control - your web pages and their content.
  1. Uses only the purer form of white hat SEO meaning the strategy focuses on optimizable web page components and mostly leaves off-site influences sort themselves out.
  2. There are no link building efforts made aside from harnassing a poweful internal linking structures
SEO expert balancing and smoking
Toronto SEO expert relaxed and smoking with rock balancing
Since 1994 I have been optimizing web site for Canadian and international business in a variety of Internet sectors.