Fred Joly SEO Consultant

I am a search engine optimization consultant based in Vancouver BC Canada. I've decided to come out of retirement to help out a few neighbourhood businesses get their Internet marketing on track.
Fred Joly is an SEO ethics advocate and social justice advocate
SEO Ethics and Social Justice Advocate

I have been in the industry since 1994. That's a long time ago in the search engine game. Things in SEO have changed over the years.

Canadian SEO Industry Leader

I have been a leader the industry pretty much since the beginning. I've been employed to consult in a wide variety of markets sectors including engineering, tourism, gift shops, real estate ... even recruited by a number of Canadian universities and international corporations.

I stay abreast search engine optimization and most other Internet marketing trades as moderator and featured poster of one of the largest IT forums on the Internet, now with over 1,000,000 members.

I presently serving as SEO consultant with a handful of clients in Vancouver.

Digital Media and Marketing

We are well on our way with the first Digital Media and Marketing Study Group ever to be offered in Vancouver. This is a think tank/help forum type of thing intended to assist community members in understanding the facts and fiction involved in all thing Internet.

This venture is jointly supported by UBC Humanities Programme, ARA Mental Health Advocates and Recovery by Design art studio.